Exploring Amazon's Early Reviewer Program and Its Impact on Sales


Welcome to our in-depth analysis of Amazon's Early Reviewer Program and its influence on product sales. As an Amazon seller, obtaining genuine and positive customer reviews is essential for building trust, attracting more buyers, and driving sales. In this article, we will explore the Early Reviewer Program, how it works, its benefits, and its potential impact on your Amazon business.

Understanding the Early Reviewer Program

The Early Reviewer Program is an Amazon initiative designed to encourage customers to leave reviews for new and recently launched products. The program aims to provide valuable feedback for shoppers and help sellers kickstart their review collection process for new products.

Participating in the Early Reviewer Program is voluntary and involves a small fee per SKU. Once enrolled, Amazon contacts customers who have purchased the enrolled product and offers them a small incentive, typically a gift card, in exchange for leaving a review. These reviews are labeled with an "Early Reviewer Rewards" badge to indicate their authenticity.

Benefits of the Early Reviewer Program

The Early Reviewer Program offers several benefits for sellers:

1. Jumpstart Reviews for New Products

When launching a new product, it can be challenging to gather reviews organically. The Early Reviewer Program provides an opportunity to kickstart the review process and generate early feedback, which can help boost your product's credibility and visibility.

By receiving initial reviews through the program, your product will have a greater chance of attracting organic reviews from other customers. Positive reviews contribute to a higher average rating, which is prominently displayed on your product detail page and can influence potential buyers.

2. Increase Conversion Rates

Products with a higher number of positive reviews tend to attract more buyers. By leveraging the Early Reviewer Program, you can increase the likelihood of receiving early positive reviews, which, in turn, can lead to higher conversion rates and improved sales performance.

When shoppers see that your product has received positive reviews from verified customers, they are more likely to trust your brand and make a purchase. Positive reviews serve as social proof, demonstrating that your product delivers on its promises and meets customer expectations.

3. Gain Customer Trust

The Early Reviewer Program helps establish trust with potential customers. The program ensures that early reviews come from verified buyers, adding credibility to your product listing and reassuring shoppers about the authenticity and quality of your offerings.

When customers see the "Early Reviewer Rewards" badge on your product page, they know that the reviews are genuine and not manipulated or biased. This transparency builds trust, making customers more confident in their purchasing decisions.

Maximizing the Impact of the Early Reviewer Program

While the Early Reviewer Program can be beneficial, it's essential to optimize your approach to maximize its impact:

1. Focus on Quality Products

Prioritize developing high-quality products that provide exceptional value to customers. Positive reviews generated through the Early Reviewer Program will have a more significant impact when they reflect the true quality of your offerings.

Ensure that your products meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of functionality, durability, design, and overall user experience. By delivering exceptional products, you increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews through the Early Reviewer Program and other review acquisition methods.

2. Encourage Honest Feedback

While it's natural to desire positive reviews, it's important to encourage customers to provide honest and unbiased feedback. Authentic reviews, even if they include constructive criticism, can provide valuable insights for product improvement and enhance your reputation as a seller.

When requesting reviews, emphasize the importance of honest feedback and assure customers that their opinions are valued. This approach helps foster trust and credibility, both with the Early Reviewer Program and with other review sources such as follow-up emails or review request inserts.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer service throughout the buying experience. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and resolve any issues or concerns they may have. Satisfied customers are more likely to leave positive reviews, both through the Early Reviewer Program and organically.

By going above and beyond to meet customer needs, you create a positive brand image and increase the chances of receiving favorable reviews. Customer service excellence not only contributes to the success of the Early Reviewer Program but also strengthens customer loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.


The Early Reviewer Program can be a valuable tool for Amazon sellers to generate early reviews, increase conversion rates, and build trust with customers. By understanding the program's benefits, optimizing your product quality, encouraging honest feedback, and providing excellent customer service, you can maximize the impact of the Early Reviewer Program on your Amazon business.

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